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If you dorft have any, tum to r78. € stands above its shange keybodd. lf you havea silverbrooch,tum to t3. If you haven't,hlm to 288. III Extraordinarily, the beautfi bird has surviwed in the wretche4 humid heat of thls hellish place; it spreads its wings ad risesinto the air. but you may drink a pohon, (ist a spell Ne a magic item or get a free skike at Rel€m (inflicting the usual 2 pointuof damageto his sraMIN^, or more if you MaSic Sword has receiveda specialpower €ainst Demonsfrom TaSsaskil).

If your HoNouRis, Open the tonb of th€ adult male EIf? Open bhetomb of the adult fenule Elf? Open the tomb of the young femaleEIf? Open the tomb of the Elf-chil& t-eavethe tombs sealedand perfonn someother action? Tum to 2or Tum to 228 Tum to tr7 Tum to rr2 Tum to rr7 ro2 The door at the bottom of lhe steps is firmly locked ard th€re's nothing you can do to opo it. r way up the spiral staircas€instead-Tum to 29t. rot 5-€ exactly 11 12 or higher Tum to r19 Tum to 327 Tum to 25r Make your choiceof spell to cast,then you must either mter the darlcress(tum to 3r9) or explore the side passage (t'm to r9r).

Rr7 Whenyou havefinishedwith the tombs,will youl Look at the ice orsm, if you hav€n't already done so? Take the Ice Keys, if you don't akeady have them? Leavehere ard searchelsewherein the Tum to rr Tumto 8, Tumto 2, 46 As you push againstthe door of the Great Tower, the illusion disappears ther€ is no door! Sudd€nlya cage of ice sp€arsmterializes around you and b€gins to radiate extreme cold! If you us€ some other weapon, it wil take 6 roun&. Erch romd, you lose either 1 or 2 points from your srAMrN^ (rol one die eachround: r :, you lose 1 pointi 4-6 you ios€ 2 poink).

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