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By Patrizia Campolongo, Liana Fattore

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The endocannabinoid process contains cannabinoid receptors, their endogenous lipid ligands (endocannabinoids) and the enzymatic equipment for his or her synthesis and degradation. within the mind, endocannabinoids control ion channel task and neurotransmitter unlock and thereby give a contribution to numerous features of mind functionality, together with reminiscence, present and feelings. Their skill to modulate synaptic efficacy has a variety of sensible effects and offers certain healing probabilities. unparalleled advances were made within the realizing of the position of endocannabinoids within the legislation of the emotional mind over the last few years. despite the fact that, a entire booklet encompassing a majority of these points remains to be missing. The ebook will offer an outline of the function performed via the endocannabinoid process within the rules of emotional strategies with specific emphasis at the modulation of reminiscence and present for emotionally arousing occasions and for the law of motivational features in hashish use.

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3 mg/kg, IP Object recognition-not habituated Enhanced retrieval [56] Rat Propofol 300 or 350 mg/kg, IP Inhibitory avoidance Enhanced consolidation [57] A general summary of the pharmacological studies examining the effects of exogenous cannabinoids on aversive memory paradigms. Δ9-THC: Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol, IP Intraperitoneal cannabinoids impaired learning and memory with an aversive (water maze, contextual fear conditioning) or non-aversive (object recognition, spatial recognition, social recognition) nature [54, 60].

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