Download e-book for kindle: C: A Reference Manual by Samuel P. Harbison, Guy L. Steele Jr.

By Samuel P. Harbison, Guy L. Steele Jr.

This best-selling, authoritative reference handbook offers a whole description of the interval, the run-time libraries, and a method of C programming that empha_sizes correctness, portability, and maintainability.

Describing the c programming language extra truly and in additional element than the other e-book, authors Samuel P. Harbison and man L. Steele Jr. offer in one manual:

normal C (1999) - the recent revison of the C usual helps complicated and Boolean kinds, variable size arrays, targeted floating-point programming, and new libraries for portability and internationalization.
usual C (1989)- the model of C utilized by so much of brand new programmers.
conventional C-common perform earlier than 1990, with thousands of strains of code in use each day.
C++ appropriate C-code that may be used as C or C++.
the total C run-time libraries for all C versions.

C: A Reference guide is the single booklet that describes all of the information of C-past and current. it's the unmarried must-have reference for all C programmers and implementors.

Thoroughly revised and up to date, the multiplied 5th variation contains a entire description of the newest C normal, ISO/IEC 9899:1999, with its strong language extensions and new libraries.

New! stopover at the website. includes resource code for the longer examples within the ebook, multiplied discussions on language matters, the newest ISO/IEC language corrigenda, and hyperlinks to different C assets.

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Define Define a preprocessor macro. 3 #undef Remove a preprocessor macro definicion. 5 #include Insert text from another source file. 1 #1< stant expression . 5. 3 name is defined. 3 site to that of #ifdef. '( t if the previous #1£ , #ifdef , #ifndef, or #el1f test failed. 1 #endi f Terminate conditional text. 1 #line Supply a line number for compiler messages. 6 #elle Alternatively include some tell based on the value of anomer constant expression if the previous #1f , #1fdef, #ifndef, or #elif test failed.

5 # operatorb Replace a macro parameter with a string constant containing the parameter's value. 8 ## operatorb Create a single token out of two adjacent tokens. 9 #pragma b Specify implementation-dependent infonnation to the compiler. 7 #error b Produce a compile-time error with a designated message. 8 a Not originally part of C, but now common in ISO and non-ISO implementations. b New in Standard C. 2 PREPROCESSOR LEXICAL CONVENTIONS The preprocessor does not parse the source text, but it does break it up into tokens for the purpose of locating macro calls.

The rules for determining the type are complicated, and they are different in pre-Standard C, C89, and C99. All the rules are shown in Table 2-5. If the value of an integer constant exceeds the largest integer representable in the last type within its group in Table 2- 5, then the result is undefined. In C99, an implementation may instead assign an extended integer type to these large constants, following the signedness conventions in the table. ) In C89, infonnation about the representation of integer types is provided in the header file limits.

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