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An account of the extraordinary scientists who stumbled on that nuclear fission used to be attainable after which turned desirous about its implications. Index. Translated by means of James Cleugh.

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2 without mentioning whether the nucleons are different, as in the deuteron case, or identical. 8) are allowed by the Fermi statistics. 1 Family of nuclear isomultiplets in A = 14 nuclei. Selected states are marked with their spins and parity on the left, and their excitation energy in kiloelectronvolts is shown on the right. Isobaric analog states with T = 1 are shown in red and are connected by dashed lines. 23) and 3− (3 f3 ), … . 24) The naive expectation would be that, due to the charge independence of nuclear forces, the existence of the bound deuteron (A = 2, Z = 1) would imply the existence of the bound states n–n (Z = 0, dineutron) and p–p (Z = 2, diproton or 2 He).

16) − t3 . 2 In the isospin language, the proton and neutron are the states with different projections of the isospin onto the axis 3 of isospace, Q= t3 |p⟩ = − 1 |p⟩, 2 t3 |n⟩ = 1 |n⟩. 3 Isospin Invariance By historical reasons, the isospin projections are defined in nuclear physics, Eq. 11), in the way opposite to their action on the charge eigenvalue. In particle physics, a more natural definition is used with the proton having, instead of what is defined in Eqs. 17), the isospin projection +1∕2 and the neutron having the projection −1∕2.

In the limit of exact isobaric invariance, all members of the multiplet have the same energy. In reality, the multiplets are split. A trivial correction comes from the mass difference between the proton and the neutron. The contribution of the rest masses to the total nuclear energy is ) ( ∑ ∑ ∑ 1 + ????3a 1 − ????3a H0 = Mn c 2 + Mp c 2 ⇒ c 2 + Mp . 73) Mn 2 2 n p a As earlier, we can separate the isoscalar and the third component of the isovector, M n + Mp ∑ M n − Mp ∑ M n + Mp 1 H0 = 1+ ????3a = A + (Mn − Mp )T3 .

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