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Platelet numbers fall (thrombocytopaenia), sometimes by 12 hours, the nadir occurring at 2-3 days. (Beyene et al 2009) Thrombocytopaenia can be severe enough to cause or potentiate bleeding including within the brain. Serum calcium levels often fall; liver enzymes reflecting hepatic The Etiology and Evolution of Fetal Brain Injury 19 cellular damage increase, and blood glucose concentration can fluctuate, with low levels (hypoglycaemia) being most common. Hypoglycaemia has recognized neurologic consequences, (Alkalay et al 2005a; Burns et al 2008; Karimzadeh et al 2011) especially when low glucose concentrations cause or accompany seizures.

The umbilical cord, which is the conduit for blood flow and gas exchange between the placenta and fetus, is also vulnerable; compression, prolapse, occlusion, entrapment and tearing occur, each of which has recognized adverse consequences for fetal oxygenation and cerebral blood flow. Partial and prolonged and acute near total episodes of hypoxic ischaemic stress occur in consequence. Overall the incidence of interruption of adequate placental blood flow during labour is approximately 3 of every 1000 term deliveries (Perlman 2011) Instrumental delivery: A number of situations require delivery assisted by forceps or vacuum extraction.

R. Thoresen, J. Wyatt, & the hypothermia workshop speakers and discussants, “Hypothermia and perinatal asphyxia: executive summary of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development workshop”, J. J. & M. , “Skin. G. & G. , S. Tabarestani & M. ”, J Child Neurol, 26, 152-159 (2011) [62] Kendall G. & D. Peebles, “Acute fetal hypoxia: the modulating effect of infection”, Early Hum Dev, 81, 27-34 (2005) [63] Khwaja O. J. W. W. Thibeault, “Neonatal complications of preterm premature rupture of membranes.

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