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By Ishida Akira, James Davies

The authors lay down a number of transparent rules, then struggle through a wealth of examples and difficulties from expert play, supplying you with a radical snatch of ways to settle on process, easy methods to execute dual-purpose assaults, the best way to strength your opponent into submission or cooperation, the best way to invade and decrease territorial frameworks, and while to struggle a ko.

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13 2 in 11 172 in 12 2)2 in 13 412 in 15 40 2 in 16 Fig. 60. ) 13,4= 11,8 And I have solved all other cases where the total area is less than 700 in 4 pieces. I should be delighted to hear of improvements. E3S Squared squares Fig. 60 shows the answers. The following table summarizes the best results I have found so far: Number of Squarelets N 6 3 7 4 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 5 6 and 7 8 and 9 10--13 14-17 18-23 24-29 30--39 and 41 40 and 42-50 51-65 and 68 and 70 66,67,69 and 71-82 83-107 108-127 and 129-131 If N(S) is the lowest odd value of N which can't be squared in fewer than S squarelets, the formulae N (2k+ 1)=4F (k -2)-1 and N (2k)=2F (k-l)-I, wherein F(n) = the nth Fibonacci number, produce the right results so far as I can see up to S = 20, except that N = 3 doesn't require 7 squarelets and N =41 doesn't require 16.

In which cases can you not obtungulate into p obtungles? in which cases can you obtungulate in fewer? (2) Next, p/q-grams with q = 2 or more. These are always obtungulable in 2p, by joining each vertex to the centre, as in the second diagram in Fig. 55. Among polygrams with p ranging up to say 12, in how many cases can you improve on the figure of 2p? E14 Pennies in a square Assuming the radius of a penny to be 10 gm, Fig. 56 (over) shows that 10 pennies can just be fitted into a square of 68 gm side.

3) Using 3,4,6 and 0 once each, make A in B in C in D as large as possible. (4) Similarly, make A in B in C in D in A as large as possible. E16 Folding cubes and octahedra 0"1\/\ D Fig. 57. m E 53 SHAPES AND SHAPES (1) Neither of the two 'hexomino' patterns in Fig. 57 can be folded along the lines so that the 6 squares form the 6 faces of a cube. But there are 33 other hexomino patterns (ignoring reflections); how many of them can be folded into a cube? (2) Similarly, neither of the 'octiamond' patterns shown can be folded into an octahedron.

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