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Most of the other changes introduced on the KH179 are concerned with the extra weight and recoil forces introduced by the new barrel and include recoil and balancing system changes plus modifications to the gun controls. New sights are provided. The KH179 is light enough to be earned slung under a CH-47D helicopter although the more usual mode of movement is behind a heavy 6x6 truck at speeds of up to 70 km/h. The firing position involves a plate located under the main axle, with the plate lowered for firing so that the KH 179 is stabilised on the plate and trail spades only.

Exports were made to Saudi Arabia and projectiles Malaysia. Rheinmetall of Germany produced a FH-70 prototype with a 52-calibre barrel. This version has a range of 30000 metres firing the LI 5 HE projectile. 5 43m m Max range: LI 6 HE 24700 m; BB 31500 Muzzle velocity: 827 m/s Projectile weight: 42 55 m kg Depression/elevation: -4 5°/+70° A battery of 1 55 mm FH-70s on Traverse: 56° Larkhill ranges. the 55 mm Vickers 155 Ultralightweight Field Howitzer mm Ultralightweight Field Howitzer (UFH) was developed in response to a US Army requirement for howitzer weighing no a towed 1 55 more than 4000 kg - Royal Ordnance 155 Light Towed Howitzer (see following entry) was developed to meet the same requirement.

Royal Ordnance are proposing a series projectiles of LTH variants with various barrel lengths meet virtually any possible weight and range requirement. As well as the to 39-calibre barrel used on the prototypes it is intended that the LTH carriage, system in moves in an upwards arc, thereby saving both weight and length possibly with folding of recoil. mterchangeability between to a curvilinear recoiling barrel As the LTH is intended to have the in- mm Ml 98 towed howitzers, accommodate barrels, 25, 35, legs, could 45 or 52-calibre trail with a high degree all of the variants.

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