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The result is that radioactive impurities (or heels) which are not volatile tend to remain in the packaging. Periodic removal of these heels may be necessary. 11. Depleted and natural UF, are not classified as fissile materials, o and accordingly there is no possibility for nuclear criticality during transport. Although uranium enriched up to 1% Ü-235 is classified as fissile, uranium as UFfi in this enrichment range will not sustain a nuclear reaction. UF£ enriched to greater than 1% U-235 is fissile material D requiring additional controls to prevent accidental nuclear criticality.

In these circumstances calculation of transport indexes must be made for each package based upon specific analytical data. During its commercial production and enrichment, UF, might be slightly contaminated with reprocessed uranium. In such cases the material may be treated as being of non-irradiated origin, provided it meets the specifications for commercial UF, [12], which are based on U-236 limitations. All. 10. While UF, packagings often are filled by a liquid transfer they D are emptied by evaporation.

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