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By Alexander Alekhine

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This advisor good points Alekhine's annotations of his personal video games. It examines video games that span his occupation from his early encounters with Lasker, Tarrasch and Rubenstein, via his global identify battles, to his conferences with the recent new release of avid gamers within the Fifties. Algebraic notations are incorporated.

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J:td2! 34 Hindering d3-c4. e3 J:te2 36 d3 J:tel! d4 J:tel 37 . c3 . e3 J:tdl+ J:tel 39 e4 40 d3 eS At last it is playable ! b4 Thereby securing for his king ac­ cess to the square d5, which is of great importance. d6. d6 49 �e2 50 l:1a8 In order to pin the Black's bishop by l:1d8, after . �d5 . 50 l:1h2+ 5 1 �dl l:1h3! �d5 52 �d2 53 l:1d8 c3+! The coup de grdce. 54 �e2 If 54 �d3 Black had foreseen the following pretty finish: 54 ... e7 ! i. g5 57 l:1e2 e4+ 58 �d2 l:1xe3 59 l:1xe3 �d4 and wins.

TDc4 23 'ic5 "iff7 24 l:txf6. 22 'if7 23 �d6+ and mates in two more moves. ••• ••• ••• w ••• 17 1Wg3! An essential preliminary for the ensuing sacrifice. White now threat­ ens to win off-hand by 1 8 tDfxd5. Black cannot play 17 ... xe4 ! dxe4 1 9 l:txe4 ! he would be defenceless against 20 'i'g7 ! Game 1 2 Alekhine - Isakov Moscow Championship 1919 Danish Gambit 1 e4 2 d4 e5 exd4 This isn' t especially clear after 22 . , although 24 'fVe3 ! is certainly very dangerous; in any case 2 1 'fVxe7+ �xe7 22 �xf6+ �f7 23 �xg 8 �g8 24 11e7 gives White an easily winning ending.

Then 26 ... xf3. Alekhine always secures for White a slight po­ sitional advantage. If in this game he obtains a better result, that is solely due to the fact that his oppo­ nent allows himself to go in for an innovation- especially risky when his development is already retarded. 4 cxd5 1Dr6 a6 5 li:)xd4 Black wished to avoid the vari­ ation 5 . . li:)xd5 6 e4 li:)f6 7 �b5+ �d7 8 e5 ! �xb5 9 li:)xb5 'ili'xd l + 10 �x d l li:)d5 l l li:) l c3, which is to the advantage of White, as mentioned in the latest edition of Collijn's Lim­ bok.

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