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This booklet is aimed toward a wide viewers: scientists, engineers, professors and scholars clever sufficient to maintain a severe stance every time faced with the chilling dogmas of latest physics. Readers will discover a tantalizing quantity of fabric calculated to nurture their ideas and arouse their suspicion, to some extent a minimum of, at the so-called validity of present day so much celebrated actual theories.

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In relativistic mechanics, two simultaneous events in K° for t° — ijj = 0 are not any more in K because of the time flow ta — % ^ 0 and the finite propagation of the signal U • (r a — Tb)/c2 ^ 0. In the end, what we observe is a combined effect resulting in those two types of simultaneity. In this book, we shall adopt a different point of view, where events A and B are observed in the same reference frame K°. The Lorentz time transformation, without change of reference frame, applied to two moving systems A and B observed in K°, has the following expression: *2 = 7 a ( t o - ^ U „ T „ ) ^=76(t6-iu6-r6) (92) where all space-time coordinates are defined in the same reference frame but can depend on the choice of origins in the reference frame K°.

The preceding definitions can be applied to two different situations. The first one relates to the case when both quantities A\ and A 2 are momentums of two WAVE MEANING OF THE SPECIAL RELATIVITY THEORY 25 particles making an isolated system, thus leading to the conservation of the total momentum A which remains constant. : U 0 (r 0 ,t 0 ) = U[r(t),t] (104) This equality is verified at any instant i if the observer in the laboratory frame follows the particle in its motion. This equality turns a non-local definition of the velocity into a local definition, therefore implying, for the function Uo, an average process over a lapse of time to which can be written as: Uo(r 0 ,io)= / a(r 0 , t 0 )dt 0 (105) Jo where the vector a(ro,£o) is by definition a mean acceleration with respect to time.

The components of the vector ro in the laboratory frame are related to the components of the same vector r 0 projected in the reference frame by the relation ro = D • TQ where D is the rotation matrix. After multiplication of the quantity ro by the inverse matrix of rotation, we obtain a Lorentz transformation in rQ with rotation without implying the existence of two reference frames. Let us now close the examination of the Lorentz transformation by quoting the book written by L. Brillouin in which he performs a lucid and harsh criticism of Einstein's SRT.

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