Download e-book for iPad: Advanced C: Tips and Techniques (Hayden Books C Library) by Paul L. Anderson, Gail C. Anderson

By Paul L. Anderson, Gail C. Anderson

ISBN-10: 067248417X

ISBN-13: 9780672484179

This special paintings appears on the portability, execution potency and programming software ideas of the complex c programming language. Examples are given of ways complex C purposes will be moved shape approach to approach.

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Use a command line option flag called MACROS to compile stack. c. c -0 stack compiles stack. c -0 stack compiles push () and pop () as functions. 11. Write a function called swapw () that uses unions to swap 16 bits in a 32-bit int or long. c • H A • • p T E R 2 • • • The Run Time Environment C provides features not found in other programming languages. ), and a data type, as in most other languages. C is special in that you tell the compiler where to place a variable in the run time environment.

The Stack The third program area is the stack, which has two important uses. The stack is the basis for what's called a stack frame, which is a mechanism that many compilers use to implement function calls. When you pass a parameter to a function, for example, the stack frame makes the data accessible to the function. We look at stack frames in a later section. • 50 Chapter 2 • The stack is also a place for the compiler to store automatic variables. Since this happens at run time, the system can't determine the size of the stack before your program runs.

Auto variables inside functions do not retain their values the next time a program calls the function. Before a program uses an automatic variable's value, it should have an initial value. Declarations may initialize automatic variables, including arrays and structures if you have an AN$I C compiler. static The storage class static provides a way to retain a variable's value throughout program execution. A static variable has value zero before a program starts running if a program does not explicitly initialize it.

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