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He eliminated all authors’ names. He eliminated all company and laboratory names unless the item referred to has real meaning at thk date. Many entries were eliminated because time has negated their importance. Other entries which contribute little or no information have been dropped—the mere mention of a 6SA7 tube, for example. Qualifying adjectives have been added to many thousands of entries which now appear in the individual volume indexes without qualification. In this way the reader has a better and quicker chance to find what he wants.

Scientists, engineers, and others who actually carried on the research, development, and engineering work the results of which are herein described. ” Editor’s Introduction The best person to make a book index is the author. He knows what is in his book, why it is there, and where a reader is likely to look for it. But it would be impossible to get the 53 authors whose names appear on the jackets of the 27 volumes of the Radiation Laboratory Series to compile the final volume-the master index—even if they could agree upon an index style!

27, 21, 27, 33 vs. camoids, 27, 23 characteristics, 27, 32-33 compared with cams, 27, 33 compared with integrates, 27, 27 complex, 27, 4&42 concepts, 27, 43-57 definition, 27, 27 design, 27, 31-32 dimensional constants, 27, 31-32 disadvantages, 27, 33 divider, 27, 40 efficiency, 27, 28 error, 27, 27, 28, 31–33, 37, 41, 42 frictional losses, 27, 28, 32 history, 27, 2%31 inertia, 27, 33 15 Bar linkage (computer), mechanical features, 27, 28 multipliers, 27, 37–40, 250-283 accuracy, 27, 39 error, 27, 37–40 with one degree of freedom, 27, 34–36 residual error, 27, 32 straight-line motion by, 27, 29 with two degrees of freedom, 27, 37–40, 223-249 as substitute for threedimensional cam, 27, 37 Barrel field, CRT, 22, 313 Barrel stave, reflector, 26, 157 Barretter, 11, 81-83, 156-171 -amplifier combinations, 11, 171–175 demodulation, 11, 166 direct-reading bridges for, 11, 169-171 mount, 11, 175–179 theory of operation, 11, 161–169 Barrier, atmospheric, 13, 76 nonstandard layer as, 13, 168 layer, semiconductor, capacitance, (see also Semiconductor), 16, 75–77 formation and structure, 16, 7W77 Bartlett’s bisection network theorem, 9, 556 Baseline, Loran, 13, 53, 56, 59, 62, 70, 71, 86, 96, 99, 102 Batteries, 17, 399–401 life, dry, vs.

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